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Welcome to the teachings of the Huascar Lineage in the Valley of Cusco, from the hands of "hampeq", medicine woman, Vilma Pinedo. 

Since very young, Vilma has been entrusted with the teachings of her abuelos and abuelas, the elders of her community. The subtle way in which she handles the coca leaves, lights up the incense, performs her prayers, and touches the cotton used in the rituals, shows her love and respect for this legacy of connection with the spirits of her land.

Walking with her for years, learning patiently from her craft and witnessing how she speaks with the other realms, we quickly understood that this, you cannot find in a textbook. Her teachings are not only about a "technique" or a procedure, a name or a category, but mostly about awareness and action.

For Vilma and her Elders "to heal" means to be aware of the energy around you and within you. To be a "healer" a hampeq or a shaman, means to be connected to the sources of life and death, to the delicate balance that allows our presence in this world; and to open the gift of sharing this presence as medicine to our communities and others that seek our help.

Because in the end, the art of healing is truly effective once we allow ourselves to become the teachings and tools we receive along the way. Through the warmth in your hands and breath you become the leaves that bring life; through the gratitude in your prayers you become the incense you offer to the spirits; through the cotton you gently caress, you become the wound that you help yourself and others heal.

To share the energy of these teachings, along with Vilma we created this online space of two days in which we will respectfully open an understanding of what being a healer in the Andes means, also diving in some aspects of this service.

Whether you are starting, or you have been on this path for some time, we welcome you.


DAY 1/ Friday Oct 14     9:30 am to 1:30 pm


-Introduction to Vilma’s Lineage and the teachings of Huascar.


-The role of a healer in the andean ways.


-How to open a sacred space in the Andean way to work in ceremonies and healings.

-The implications of holding this space, responsibilities working with yourself, someone else or a group.

-How to appropriately close a ceremony’s sacred space.


-The power of the voice: calling of the supporting spirits to your space of work.

-Calling the 4 Suyus, Chinchaysuyu, Qollasuyu, Antisuyu, Qontisuyu.

-The “Dispenza”, asking for permission to the spirits of a place/lineage through prayers in quechua.



DAY 2/ Saturday Oct 15      9:30 am to 1:30 pm


-Different types tools of an Andean Healer in personal and group works.


-The sacred coca leaves. And alternatives.

-Types of incense.

-Most common Cleansing Plants.


-The power of Clothing: appropriate clothes for men and women in the context of an Andean ceremony.

-Understanding some symbols and pieces of clothing for connection and protection: Phullu, sombrero, chumpi, pollera, wincha, etc


-Offering Ceremony to the male and female guardian spirits of the andes according to Vilma’s Lineage.

-Understanding the purpose of an offering, recognizing the different elements used in this ritual.

-Each one of us will make an offering following Vilma’s indications.

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Vilma Pinedo


Vilma Pinedo was born surrounded by the Apus, powerful mountain spirits from Cusco, Peru. Her initiation into the path of the healer arrived before she was even born. When her mother was pregnant with her, she was struck by a lighting that almost kills them both. In the Andes this is a strong sign of being called by the spirits, that’s why from a young age the eyes of the community were set on her to learn the “curandera” way.

Vilma grew among her grandfathers and grandmothers, whom through day to day labour and sharing, taught her the traditional healing rituals. And since she was 12, she help them, reading the energy in the coca leaves, gathering the natural elements for the healings and offerings and using her intuition to advice the patients.


She comes from a lineage of renown healers in Cusco, amongst them her father Martin Pinedo, her mother María Sanchez, her grandfather Benito Qorihuaman and her great-grandfather Melchor Deza. The latter two, made known to foreigners by the masters Don Juan Nuñez del Prado and Américo Yabar, and respected  by a world-wide community of practitioners of the Andean Spiritual Tradition.


By studying at the university, Vilma did something that was new to past generations, allowing her to learn different languages, accessing and understanding more of the western and modern mindset.


Currently, she dedicates her time to her family, to helping her community, and assisting people in their spiritual paths, their own relations, families and businesses. She works with different subtle natural energies, using the methods received from her ancestors, like the making of offerings, the use of healing plants and sacred Andean rituals. She always remarks that when she works with people it’s the their faith what gets the job done. And that each one of us knows what we truly need, it’s just up to us to open up, listen, talk, and walk the path.


16 sessions, +44 hours of teachings and practice, Starting 26th of March.png

15% en cuadernos

Vilma has a special connection with the Apus, guardian spirits of her land and culture. Like the Apu pachatusan, Manuel Pinta or Wiraqochan. They guide her in her works, and this is why she is considered as channel to the elders who still inhabit the high mountains in Cusco. “Sometimes you don’t see them, but they see you for sure, and they take care of you”, she says.

She loves her family and the healing ways that bring balance to our bodies and our relationship with the living earth. She was called to accompany the Dalai Lama when he visited Cusco, and she uses her gift as a tool for health, peace and unity.

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What participants of online programs with Vilma had to say

“Vilma knew how to read our words, faces and personal energy bubbles through this journey of healing our energy eyes. I’m grateful for her listening carefully to what we had to say, and her deep reflecting on each of the individual processes shared online. 

She knows the messages that travel in between worlds, reading the signs embedded in our dreams and the synchronicities the universe presents us with. She is a bridge between her holy land of Cusco and the holy lands of each of the participants summoned to this path. As she says: ‘Be humble, you are made of earth and stardust’.”

Francisca C. /Spain

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HAMPEQ (8).png

 I very much appreciate Vilma’s honest talks about the Peruvian culture and the realistic and raw background of the Andean living, that at times gets neglected or embellished with the efforts to make the teachings friendly oriented.


Listening to the stories she so lovely and eloquently shared with us awakened childhood memories of running barefoot in the mud while grandma cooked talking to the plants and fire. As a Peruvian (with curandera ascendants) living in the US, this experience and shared moments with all of you has been very revealing and has ignited the call of my seed to continue integrating the wisdom of the Andes and Peruvian path to my work as a therapist and into all the layers of my life.


   Lorena/ U.S.A

I love Vilma’s teachings and her style. She is definitely a woman of vibrance. The way Vilma welcomes us individually and draws us out, is a powerful gift. And there is nothing more healing, in my experience, than being heartily welcomed. This is one of the core teaching that I’m receiving from this course. 


I’ve studied Andean traditions and wisdom from a number of western and Andean teachers. I’ve enjoyed the western intellectual/Yachay approach as well as the Andean heart centered / Munay experiential approach.  I love it when I let my mind relax with the meander of Vilma’s story’s. My minds expectations of getting a new tool or technique disappear and I actually feel my heart start to beam or kind of buzz.

The co creative balance that Francisco brings by funneling Vilma’s expansive style into a structure / mastay is very helpful.  His interpretations and way of directly getting to the point of the lesson ties together the finishing treads of the cloth Vilma weaves.

Jan F. /U.S.A

My experience with Vilma has been a profound one. While I have been studying the Andean path for a number of years with Juan and Ivan, this experience has taken me much deeper and opened new spaces for me. A deeper embodied awareness of the Andean medicine and pachamama that will help me in my endeavors. As I am a shamanic healer and work with the Andean medicine, Vilmas perspective is very valuable because she has a direct connection to the Huascar lineage and works with these energies as a healer. I know without a doubt that she is a clear channel to this lineage and transmits a deep awareness of it.

Anthony P./ U.S.A.

Vilma brings a subtle yet intense energy into her works. You can tell she is constantly connected to the group process. Personally, this experience has helped me to find puzzle pieces of my life, to open up beatiful praying sacred spaces and to understand how the energies move through your body. I feel that what I discovered here will talk to me through time and space.”

                                                          Silvia M. / Sacred Valley in Cusco.

Pared de concreto

We are Karpay, an organization based in Perú and dedicated to sharing the Andean Spiritual Wisdom. Founded by Yandy Huaranga (pshychologist) and Francisco Victoria (International Relations major) who having learnt with different original masters decided to present their work and knowledge to people from all over the world in a respectful, honest and practical way.

We have organized several retreats, travels, online courses and events with renown Andean masters from Perú and Bolivia such as Américo Yábar, Juan Nuñez del Prado, Vilma Pinedo, Don Martín Quispe, Don Aurelio Ortiz among others, and masters from different traditions such as Bön Buddhist Lama Tenzin Wangyal.

We will be happy to help and guide you through this series of beautiful meetings with our dear friend and master Vilma. 

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200 usd

Please inform us of your purchase by writing to or to the whatsapp +51992442871

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