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In the Andean cultures from South America, it is said that we walk the Qimsa Pacha, the three worlds or times.


Our bodies inhabit of course the “Kay Pacha”, the world of the surface, where there are valleys and mountains; but our soul is at the same time connected and often times traveling to the other two worlds: the "Hanaq Pacha", the upper world and the "Ukhu Pacha", the world inside of the earth. 


The latter two have a direct impact in shaping the landscape and life on the surface: the light of the stars, the moon, the sun and celestial animal constellations, guide the growing or dying of the crops, the movements of the seas, the moods of the ayllus (the communities), just like the strength of the lightning can heal or bring a powerful transformation. From within the earth comes the opening of the seeds, the energy of birth for the animals, plants and humans, the  water that sustains life, the wisdom of the original ancestors of old time.


Receiving correctly the energies of these worlds is vital for the andeans, who understand that as Kay Pacha beings that we are in our bodies, we can be in tune with the greater rhythms of life and channel abundance and harmony to the surface.


Thus every year they hold elaborate rituals and celebrate through ceremonies, cleansings, and prayers their respect and connection to each one of the 3 pachas. 


"Ancestors of the Three Worlds" is a three-part intensive seminar series with Andean "Hampeq" healer Vilma Pinedo. We will visit 3 different locations that have called us through signals and confirmations: 2 in Germany ( Velden in Nurembergland and Geltendorf in Freistaat Bayen)  and 1 in Austria (Weyregg am Attersee) that you are free to take individually or as a whole.

The end of October and beginning of November are also special dates for the andeans to celebrate offerings for the ancestors of our lineage that passed away.


Vilma will gently guide us on this journey to make a deep connection to each one of the three Pachas and its ancestors, and receive the energy and teachings of that specific world through her stories, group-led offerings and rituals, prayers and meditations. 

And although this might mean leaving our western intellectual expectations outside, the Andean path is full of treasures when you learn to listen to the subtle worlds in subtle ways

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Ancestors of the Ukhu Pacha

October Saturday 28 Sunday 29 
Velden, Nuremberg Land


Nustayoq (2).png
Cueva húmeda

From within the earth comes the Source of Life we see on the surface, and since long the andeans have respected and nurtured their communities and crops with the energy of Ukhu Pacha.

The ideas that came from the west saw the underworld as a place of mostly negative entities, but long ago for the Andean Tradition this was not the case. Many different kinds of beings inhabit the 3 worlds, both benevolent and not; and according to the masters teachings, we have to be able to recognize, feed and keep a balanced relationship with them. 


As Vilma Reminds us:


"The Ukhu Pacha is special because it is the world of darkness. Dark not as evil, but as the absence of light. And in this atmosphere very interesting physical and ethereal forms of life thrive. Our ancestors used to build underground labyrinths to always communicate with this world. Ukhu Pacha also holds the energy of the seed and the 'Paqarina' our place of birth, it is like our mother's womb and always nurtures us through its mouths and waters".

In these two day seminar we will respectfully approach the energies of Ukhu Pacha (inner or underworld). With them we will develop a connection to the depths of the Earth,  to our past, the ancestors and our own inner world, letting go of certain fears and blockages. We will also have the privilege of working  in the Maximiliansgrotte the actual belly of Mother Earth. 

Some of the energies we will work with are:

-The caves.

-The guardians of the "Chinkanas" (underground labyrinths).

-Pukyu (the beings of the water springs).

-The Ancestors and the Mallki.

-The beings of the night time.



-Saturday 28 Oct.


-Introduction to the Ukhu Pacha, meaning, importance, stories from the andes and Vilma’s Lineage.

-Offering to enter Ukhu Pacha.

-Practice, meditation and letting go of fears going within Maximiliansgrotte Cave.


Night: Ritual and practice of connection with the Ancestors from Ukhu Pacha. Within a safe a completely dark room.


Sunday 29 Oct.

-Sharing and healing circle.

-Teachings about the different beings and ancestors of the Ukhu Pacha.

-Each one will do a  personal offering for his or her ancestors in the Ukhu Pacha.

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Ancestors of the Kay Pacha

October Oct Tuesday 31 Nov Wednesday 1
Geltendorf, Freistaat Bayern



As humans our bodies walk the world of the surface everyday. It is the most familiar to us and the one we naturally perceive the best. In the Kay Pacha we access the elements of the Earth, the plants, the rivers, lagoons, animals, and these we can see clearly. What we frequently forget is that many other spirits inhabit this realm and also coexist with us.

For the andeans the Kay Pacha is like a ripe fruit that has a root in the energy of the ancestors that comes from the other worlds, and a gift for us to enjoy and protect. 

Vilma says:


"Pacha means both a moment in time, and also a place, when we translate it we say: a World. Kay Pacha then means the world of here and now: to truly live in the Kay Pacha means to be absolutely present, aware of the richness of life around you. In this world the Mountain spirits, the Apus and the Ñustas are our guardians. Like fathers and mothers they teach us to balance male and female energies within us. "

In this two day seminar we will understand and connect to the energies of Kay Pacha . With them we will open our hearts and vision, remembering the importance of our breath and how we relate to the elements of the surface.  With the help of two sacred male and female watersprings we will ask for guidance and balance. Since the turn of the month and the 1st of november are very important dates, we will also perform a beautiful and special ceremony for the dead ancestors and family members sharing with them the living energy of the Kay Pacha. 

Some of the energies we work with are:

-Apus (mountain guardian spirits)

-Ñustas (female spirits)

-Spirits of the lagoon.

-Sacred Animals of the surface.

-Ñaupa Runa (the ancient ones)


Day 1/ Tuesday:


-Introduction and Teachings in the seminar room.

-Andean Mesa Ceremony for our ancestors that passed away.

Day 2/ Wednesday:


-Teachings of the Kay Pacha beings.

-Visit to the holy "female and male" sacred pukyu, spring waters.

-Ununchaska ritual.

-Walk in the forest and connection with the mallkis.

-Personal offering for the Kay Pacha Ancestors.


-Teachings and closing Offering in the seminar room.

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Ancestors of the Hanaq Pacha

November Saturday 4 Sunday 5
Weyregg am Attersee, Austria


Nubes esponjosas


If you look up at night in the highest mountains of the Andes, you will see a big black scar surfing the skies, surrounded by stars and clouds of dust. From an old time andeans have called this scar the “Hanaq Pacha Mayu”, the river in the upper world.


Down the stream of the river flows life in its many shapes: the moon, the sun, the stars and the celestial animals, one of which is the “Yakana”, the Lama in the sky. 


Every turn of the day, the Lama comes down from the upper river down to the waters on the surface of Earth, where she quenches her thirst by drinking from the seas. In this way she prevents the ocean from flooding the coasts, but also returns to the surface some of the waters in the shape of rains that feed the snowcapped mountains, the lagoons and the rivers. Should the Lama ever forget to come down, the world as we know it would change dramatically. 


Through stories like this one, rituals and full devotion, the peoples of the Andes understand that in order for us to survive as Humanity, we must remember that we are a reflection of the perpetual cycles in the skies that guide our future, present and past.


Often times they look for signs of fate in the sun shadows projected from the sacred rocks during the day, or in the moon and starlight reflected in the lagoons and waters at night. Heaven is alive and always watching.


The andean native healer Vilma Pinedo shares:


“As we learn to read and respect the energy from above, we come closer to understanding our own destiny. We have to recognize two things: first that each of us carries a Stellar Seed within. Second, that we must nurture this seed connecting it to our personal “Estrella”, a star not only in the skies, but a greater energy of light outside of us that guides us in life.


Welcome to “Ancestors of the Hanaq Pacha” A two days unique experience in Weyregg, Austria, guided by Vilma Pinedo, a “Hampeq” native healer visiting us from Cusco Peru. 

We will share 2 beautiful days of learning directly from the master, her philosophy and practice, both within a cozy seminar room, and also walking the nature around lake Attersee: visiting the forests, a lagoon, a waterfall and with a stunning view of the snowcapped mountain range of Höllengebirge.


Through offering and cleansing rituals, meditation, and story sharing; we will awaken in us the spirits of the heavens in our upper energy centers (the Hanansaya Ñawis) connecting the upper world with the world of the surface, our“Kay Pacha”.


Walking during the day and at night, we will remember how to activate the Stellar seed within, and to receive “Saminchay”, the pure breath of Mama Killa, the Sun, the Stars, and the animal constellations in the sky.


Day 1/ Saturday


9:00 a.m. Meeting point at the seminar room 

Formation of car pools and onward journey to Weißbach

Hike to Mermaid Falls with Ceremony. 

Ununchaska/ Connection and blessings with the falling water.

First activation of our “Hanansaya Ñawis”

Return via the Tafelklaussee - Group Despacho ceremony

approx. 4:00 p.m. return to the Gahberg with a break (approx. 2 hours)

6:00 p.m. Meeting point at the seminar room Gahbergstraße 30, 4852 Weyregg

Formation of car pools and onward journey to the Gahberg chapel

Qoyllur Saminchay/ Connection and work with the stars at night. 

approx. 21:00 end


Day 2/ Sunday

9:00 a.m. Meeting point in the seminar room 

-Also on this day we will be in nature, in the forest all around and connect with our personal ancestors of the Hanaq Pacha.

-Each participant will make their own Despacho for personal concerns with the ancestors.


All timings are approximate as Vilma always works according to the needs of the group as well as the prevailing energies of the environment in which she works. Depending on the weather, there may also be deviations in the course of the seminar.


What to bring: sturdy shoes, clothing appropriate to the weather, a small bottle (approx. 250 ml) of collected rainwater, your own food on both days

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Vilma Pinedo

Vilma Pinedo was born surrounded by the Apus, powerful mountain spirits from Cusco, Peru. Her initiation into the path of the healer arrived before she was even born. When her mother was pregnant with her, she was struck by a lighting that almost kills them both. In the Andes this is a strong sign of being called by the spirits, that’s why from a young age the eyes of the community were set on her to learn the “curandera” way.

Vilma grew among her grandfathers and grandmothers, whom through day to day labour and sharing, taught her the traditional healing rituals. And since she was 12, she help them, reading the energy in the coca leaves, gathering the natural elements for the healings and offerings and using her intuition to advice the patients.


She comes from a lineage of renown healers in Cusco, amongst them her father Martin Pinedo, her mother María Sanchez, her grandfather Benito Qorihuaman and her great-grandfather Melchor Deza. The latter two, made known to foreigners by the masters Don Juan Nuñez del Prado and Américo Yabar, and respected  by a world-wide community of practitioners of the Andean Spiritual Tradition.


By studying at the university, Vilma did something that was new to past generations, allowing her to learn different languages, accessing and understanding more of the western and modern mindset.


Currently, she dedicates her time to her family, to helping her community, and assisting people in their spiritual paths, their own relations, families and businesses. She works with different subtle natural energies, using the methods received from her ancestors, like the making of offerings, the use of healing plants and sacred Andean rituals. She always remarks that when she works with people it’s the their faith what gets the job done. And that each one of us knows what we truly need, it’s just up to us to open up, listen, talk, and walk the path.


Vilma has a special connection with the Apus, guardian spirits of her land and culture. Like the Apu pachatusan, Manuel Pinta or Wiraqochan. They guide her in her works, and this is why she is considered as channel to the elders who still inhabit the high mountains in Cusco. “Sometimes you don’t see them, but they see you for sure, and they take care of you”, she says.

Vilma loves her family and the healing ways that bring balance to our bodies and our relationship with the living earth. She was called to accompany the Dalai Lama when he visited Cusco, and she uses her gift as a tool for health, peace and unity.

16 sessions, +44 hours of teachings and


We are Karpay, an organization based in Perú and dedicated to sharing the Andean Spiritual Wisdom. Founded by Yandy Huaranga (pshychologist) and Francisco Victoria (International Relations major) who having learnt with different original masters decided to present their work and knowledge to people from all over the world in a respectful, honest and practical way.

We have organized several retreats, travels, online courses and events with renown Andean masters such as Américo Yábar, Juan Nuñez del Prado, Vilma Pinedo, Don Martín Quispe, among others, and masters from different traditions such as Bön Buddhist Lama Tenzin Wangyal.

Francisco Victoria will also be guiding the group through this series of beautiful meetings with our dear friend and master Vilma. 




Please inform us of your purchase


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