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12 days, 4 weekends, 44 hours of work

A transformative Live Online Event, with recordings

available after each session.

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“Ñawi” (pronounced neea-wee) means “eye” in Quechua, and is used to describe the subtle eyes, power centers of the “human energy body” in the Andes.

The “Qhawaq”(kjawaj) the seer, has the ability to perceive the living energy and interact with the world through his or her several Ñawis. Thus having a more complete perception of reality, and the power to connect with his or her own body and all sorts of elemental and spiritual life around, in an honest and profound way.


The “Qhawaq” may reveal and heal a future problem by connecting to mother earth with the “Qosqo”, eye of the stomach; or may choose to send blessings to someone in need by whispering the right words into the wind through the “simi”, the eye of the mouth; Or even being able to listen to the memories of a certain place by opening the fountain of “puqmun”, the eye of the fontanelle, remembering the reason why she or he are right there and then.


In order to do so, the Andean Qhawaq has made offerings to Pachamama, participating in many of the communal rituals. The Qhawaq has asked the guidance of the protective spirits of the place where he or she was born, calling upon the spirits of the lakes, the mountains, the stars and the snow. Awakening all of these connections has enabled a path of remembrance, healing and growing.


Ñawis are a gift we have all received as humans, awakening and connecting them to the things that matter is our right, and a choice we have.

The Program Ñawi will take you on a deep journey of healing and self-understanding guided by Vilma Pinedo, Healer Master from Cusco, Peru.

Each meeting will focus in one of the 9 ñawis and their connection to the physical, emotional and energy body, in this way opening a space of learning, conscious work, trust, relief and completeness.  

Through sharing experiences and performing traditional rituals, we will clean, open and strengthen each one of these subtle centers of perception. To Help ourselves, and in the future to share this knowledge with others.


Please keep reading to learn more about Vilma’s story and the details of the program.


Vilma Pinedo

Vilma Pinedo was born surrounded by the Apus, powerful mountain spirits, in the city of Huasao, Cusco. Her initiation into the path of the healer arrived before she was even born. When her mother was pregnant with her, she was struck by a lighting that almost kills them both. In the Andes this is a strong sign of being called by the spirits, that’s why from a young age the eyes of the community were set on her to learn the “curandera” way.

Vilma grew among her grandfathers and grandmothers, whom through day to day labour and sharing, taught her the traditional healing rituals. And since she was 12, she help them, reading the energy in the coca leaves, gathering the natural elements for the healings and offerings and using her intuition to advice the patients.


She comes from a lineage of renown healers in Cusco, amongst them her father Martin Pinedo, her mother María Sanchez, her grandfather Benito Qorihuaman and her great-grandfather Melchor Deza. The latter two, made known to foreigners by the masters Don Juan Nuñez del Prado and Américo Yabar, and respected  by a world-wide community of practitioners of the Andean Spiritual Tradition.


By studying at the university, Vilma did something that was new to past generations, allowing her to learn different languages, accessing and understanding more of the western and modern mindset.


Currently, she dedicates her time to her family, to helping her community, and assisting people in their spiritual paths, their own relations, families and businesses. She works with different subtle natural energies, using the methods received from her ancestors, like the making of offerings, the use of healing plants and sacred Andean rituals. She always remarks that when she works with people it’s the their faith what gets the job done. And that each one of us knows what we truly need, it’s just up to us to open up, listen, talk, and walk the path.


Vilma has a special connection with the Apus, guardian spirits of her land and culture. Like the Apu pachatusan, Manuel Pinta or Wiraqochan. They guide her in her works, and this is why she is considered as channel to the elders who still inhabit the high mountains in Cusco. “Sometimes you don’t see them, but they see you for sure, and they take care of you”, she says.

Vilma loves her family and the healing ways that bring balance to our bodies and our relationship with the living earth. She was called to accompany the Dalai Lama when he visited Cusco, and she uses her gift as a tool for health, peace and unity.


The schedule and Work

The program consists of 4 weekends of work, one weekend each month from March to June 2021. Each weekend we will meet 3 hours on Friday, 5 hours on Saturday and 3 hours on Monday, totaling up to 44 hours of work throughout the program.

In each one of these meetings, we will address an specific ñawi. Through Vilma’s insights, stories, group sharing we will open up the space to learn more about the ñawi and our personal relation with the energy we gather and release in this part of our body. To then perform step by step offering rituals, prayers, use of healing plants and andean meditation to open up blockages and receive blessings.

The personal work continues once we wrap up every weekend,  since Vilma will leave exercises/rituals for us to do at home.

Times for all 4 weekends: (USA EST or EDT, -3 PT, +5 England, +6 France, Germany, Italy)

In some countries time changes +1 hour on Sunday 28th March. We will adjust to these changes so the schedule remains the same)

1st weekend. 26, 27, 28th of March

2nd weekend 23, 24, 25th of April

3rd weekend 28, 29, 30th of May.     

4th weekend 18, 19, 20th of June


3:00 pm to 5:00 pm 




9:00 am to 12:00 pm 

2:30 pm to 4 :30 pm 


9:00 am to 12:00 pm


Please consider it is important to be present in most of the live zoom meetings, to be able to follow the energy work that we are doing. In case you can’t attend some of the meetings, you will have the option to watch the recording and be ready for the next meeting.


Live on Zoom

Recorded Videos 

on private Vimeo account


1st weekend. 26, 27, 28th of March

March 26th

Opening ceremonial offering.


Opening the sacred space with a personal offering. We will call the land and spiritual energies native to each one of us, the place where we were born, our guiding spirits, and the natural forces of the Andes that will care for us in this journey.

We ask for materials so that each participant creates an offering from home, guided by Vilma.

March 27th

RURU/ the 1st Ñawi. 


In quechua Ruru means “seed”, and it’s also known as the Mother or Matrix Ñawi. It’s the Energy root in every man or woman, where our vital Energy and strength lie. 

We will start by opening this ñawi to receive a strong connection to the Earth, to be firm in our works and let our creative energies start flowing the right way.

March 28th

QOSQO/ the 2nd Ñawi.


In quechua Qosqo means “belly button”. From here an Energy umbilical cord connects our personal bubble to the universe. As you will gently stare into the things that were left here unattended and that hurt, you may bind and heal with Mother Earth. This eye is the seat of a great power, that allows us to understand how we nurture and how we fall ill from the energies around us.


2nd weekend 23, 24, 25th of April

April 23rd

Opening meeting.

We gather, remember our experiences, solve our questions and open the space for the work we are about to do this weekend.


April 24th

WIKSA/ the 3rd Ñawi.


Wiksa means “stomach”, this ñawi lies in the pit of our stomach. Here where we hold so many grudges, anger and resentment, energies that can burn and spread to the rest of our body, affecting the way we feel and express. But if harmonized, the wiksa ñawi allows us to strengthen the parts of ourselves that may be weak, and bring light and righteousness to the way we talk and act. 

April 25th

SONQO/ the 4th Ñawi.


Opening te Sonqo Ñawi, the eye of the heart. This house of feelings is the most delicate space of the human being, and at the same time the most resilient. We may have been hurt or may have hurt others, the heart remembers and acts accordingly, so we will work to clear and open this space. The opportunities that open up in our lives, are related to the capacity we have to understand and accept not only from our rational way of perceiving the world, but from the quality of the energy our sonqo emits and receives.

vida silvestre|vida salvaje

3rd weekend 28, 29, 30th of May

April 23rd

Opening meeting.

We gather, remember our experiences, solve our questions and open the space for the work we are about to do this weekend.

May 29th

KUNKA/ the 5th ñawi.


Kunka means “throat”, this ñawi holds all the emotions that are difficult to express, and also when it’s hard to ask for help. A lot a memories are stored here, and many of those related to the pain and frustration of not being able to say some things. We will listen carefully to what this ñawi has to say.


May 30th

SIMI/ the 6th Ñawi


Simi is the mouth. The biggest opening in our physical bodies is also an important center when it comes to letting things flow in and out of ourselves. As we progress cleaning, aligning and connecting our ñawis, we are faced with the importance of saying the right things, to right people at the right moment. Simi is related to the winds and the Sami, the breathing energy that can heal. So we will speak carefully what this ñawi has to say.

Textura abstracta

4th weekend 18, 19, 20th of June

June 18th

QHAWAQ/ the 7th Ñawi.


We will open the Qhawaq ñawi, word that means “sight, vision”. This ñawi allows us to see the universe in a sacred way, observing with our inner eyes what unfolds around us. To become a “Qhawaq” a seer is an important invitation from the andean tradition. To be able to look at the true nature of things from our spirit.


June 19th

PUQMUN/ the 8th Ñawi


Puqmun is used to refer to the fontanelle area in the head, and since we are born this is the most sensitive part of our bodies. In the Andes it is well protected in babies, children and in adults when working or travelling. From here we feel if the energies around are cold or warm and if we take good care of this energy center we will be opening to a new way of nourishment from Mother Earth.

June 20th

WIRAQOCHA/ the 9th Ñawi.


With this ñawi we feel the Hanan Pacha (the world from above), connecting to the Apus (sacred mountains) we receive Sami the refined positive energy. This center allows us to deeply relate to the energetic cosmic forces and with the intention to create syncronicities in our lives.


What "ñawi" participants had to say

translated from spanish

“Vilma knew how to read our words, faces and personal energy bubbles through this journey of healing our energy eyes. I’m grateful for her listening carefully to what we had to say, and her deep reflecting on each of the individual processes shared online. 

She knows the messages that travel in between worlds, reading the signs embedded in our dreams and the synchronicities the universe presents us with. She is a bridge between her holy land of Cusco and the holy lands of each of the participants summoned to this path. As she says: ‘Be humble, you are made of earth and stardust’.”

Francisca C. /Spain

“I  feel so moved when I find masters this pure. The wisdom expressed shakes the heart and soul, and everything we have experienced in Ñawi was knowledge given generously, I’ll hold dear down my path. Thank you Vilma, Francisco and Yandy.”

Karina G. / Argentina

Vilma brings a subtle yet intense energy into her works. You can tell she is constantly connected to the group process. Personally, this experience has helped me to find puzzle pieces of my life, to open up beatiful praying sacred spaces and to understand how the energies move through the ñawis. I feel that what I discovered here will talk to me through time and space.”

                                                 Silvia M. / Sacred Valley in Cusco.

“Vilma’s teachings are so subtle and healing, I’m so grateful. I liked the space in between meetings that allowed me to digest and apply what I had learned.”

Martha A. /France


We are Karpay, an organization based in Perú and dedicated to sharing the Andean Spiritual Wisdom. Founded by Yandy Huaranga (pshychologist) and Francisco Victoria (International Relations major) who having learnt with different original masters decided to present their work and knowledge to people from all over the world in a respectful, honest and practical way.

We have organized several retreats, travels, online courses and events with renown Andean masters such as Américo Yábar, Juan Nuñez del Prado, Vilma Pinedo, Don Martín Quispe, among others, and masters from different traditions such as Bön Buddhist Lama Tenzin Wangyal.

We will be happy to help and guide you through this series of beautiful meetings with our dear friend and master Vilma. 



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