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Welcome to the Hampeq teachings with Andean curandera (healer) Vilma Pinedo. These are the teachings of the southern Valley in Cusco, Peru, and they represent a direct connection to the spiritual lineage of Inka Huascar.


From an early age Vilma has learnt from her grandparents the Art and works of a hampeq, a traditional Andean healer. She has been trusted with this legacy from the hands of masters in her family such as Don Benito Qorihuaman Vargas, Melchor Deza Itto, Francisco Sánchez Vargas, Paulita Ñaupa, Eugenia Vargas, Martín Pinedo, María Vargas, and many other respected healers.

In the Hampeq program Vilma will share with us her experience and practices for us to connect with a deep sense of the andean wisdom and traditions. Through sharing stories, rituals and offerings we will walk towards an inner healing, connecting with the bearers of our gifts and talents: our own ancestors and the forces of nature that support us.

These 12 meetings are part of the first of three levels in the Hampeq teachings that will be given in the coming times.


In this first level we will:
-Learn about the origin of the Huascar Lineage and the last Inka spiritual guide.
-Work with the energy of the Paqarina, your place of birth, and also with the energy of the place you live in currently.
-Recognize the meaning and stregth of each one of the 4 directions or Suyus: chinchaysuyo, collasuyo, qontisuyo, antinsuyo.
-Work and learn from the sacred Coca leaves.
-Prepare different kinds of ceremonial offerings.
-Use the Khuyaq Rumi, healing stones, from the perspective on Vilma’s lineage.
-Work with our inner Hampeq through the use of healing plants.
-Have a deep understanding and connect with the spirit of the K’uychi, the rainbow in the andes.
-Work with the munay and the energy of the relations.
-Understand the relevance of the “Estrella”, Star, in our path and in connection to our body of light.
-And much more…

For more detailed information on each day’s teachings please continue reading…

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Vilma Pinedo


Vilma Pinedo was born surrounded by the Apus, powerful mountain spirits from Cusco, Peru. Her initiation into the path of the healer arrived before she was even born. When her mother was pregnant with her, she was struck by a lighting that almost kills them both. In the Andes this is a strong sign of being called by the spirits, that’s why from a young age the eyes of the community were set on her to learn the “curandera” way.

Vilma grew among her grandfathers and grandmothers, whom through day to day labour and sharing, taught her the traditional healing rituals. And since she was 12, she help them, reading the energy in the coca leaves, gathering the natural elements for the healings and offerings and using her intuition to advice the patients.


She comes from a lineage of renown healers in Cusco, amongst them her father Martin Pinedo, her mother María Sanchez, her grandfather Benito Qorihuaman and her great-grandfather Melchor Deza. The latter two, made known to foreigners by the masters Don Juan Nuñez del Prado and Américo Yabar, and respected  by a world-wide community of practitioners of the Andean Spiritual Tradition.


By studying at the university, Vilma did something that was new to past generations, allowing her to learn different languages, accessing and understanding more of the western and modern mindset.


Currently, she dedicates her time to her family, to helping her community, and assisting people in their spiritual paths, their own relations, families and businesses. She works with different subtle natural energies, using the methods received from her ancestors, like the making of offerings, the use of healing plants and sacred Andean rituals. She always remarks that when she works with people it’s the their faith what gets the job done. And that each one of us knows what we truly need, it’s just up to us to open up, listen, talk, and walk the path.


16 sessions, +44 hours of teachings and practice, Starting 26th of March.png

15% en cuadernos

Vilma has a special connection with the Apus, guardian spirits of her land and culture. Like the Apu pachatusan, Manuel Pinta or Wiraqochan. They guide her in her works, and this is why she is considered as channel to the elders who still inhabit the high mountains in Cusco. “Sometimes you don’t see them, but they see you for sure, and they take care of you”, she says.

She loves her family and the healing ways that bring balance to our bodies and our relationship with the living earth. She was called to accompany the Dalai Lama when he visited Cusco, and she uses her gift as a tool for health, peace and unity.

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Following Tuesdays at 10:30 am to 12:30 pm (ET, USA Eastern Time) or: 16:30 to 18:30 hs (Germany).


May 10th 
May 17th

May 24th

May 31st


June 14th

June 21st

June 28th

July 5th


July 19th

July 26th

August 2nd

August 9th


Some dates and topics may vary with prior notice.

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the 12 initial teachings

Tuesday- May 10th/ Stories of Vilma's Lineage. 

- Introduction and the meaning of Hampeq.
-Vilma Pinedo's Lineage.

-Stories of the ancestors: Don Melchor Deza, Don Benito Qorihuaman,

Don Francisco Sanchez Vargas, Martin Pinedo, María Sanchez.

-History of Wasao.

-Connection with the Huascar lineage.

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Tuesday- May 17th/ The Paqarina and the Sacred Mountains

-Understanding and working with your Paqarina. Your place of birth.

-What is the true meaning of the guardian mountains in the Andes.

-What is the meaning of the Earth.

-How to work with your birth mountains.

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Tuesday- May 24th Our Home and Opening Ceremony

-What kinds of energies can we find in the place we live in.

-Understanding and honoring of your current home and land.

-Opening offering ceremony.

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Tuesday May 31st / The four Andean Directions

The meaning of the 4  Suyus (Andean directions), connection and work with:

- Chinchaysuyo

- Collasuyo

- Qontisuyo

- Antinsuyo

-Honoring the ancestors the andean way.

-The Apus of the four  Suyus.


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Tuesday June 14th/ Mama Cuca, The sacred leaves.

-Uses, anatomy and working with Mama Cuca.

-Connecting with Mama Cuca (and the Coca Leaves).

-Also with the sacred leaves available in your region.

-How to choose your leaves for the offerings.

-Types of  Leaves.

-For cleansing.

-For the offering.

-How to present a K'intu

-Prayer for Mama Cuca.


Tuesday June 21st/The Meaning of the Andean Offering

-How to be in Ayni doing our energy work.

-Sacred Space:

-How to Open a Sacred space and create a connection in the Andean way?


-The "Dispenza"  asking for permission.

-Use of incense.

-What is the meaning of an "offering" in the Andes.

-Fundamental offering for the Apus and Pachamama.

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Tuesday July 28th/ The khuyas, stones for healing.

-Healing tools of the Andean Healer

-¿What are the Khuyas?

-Types of Khuyas: River, Sea, Mountain, Earth.

-How to recognize and consecrate a Khuya.

-How to clean and recharge a Khuya.

-Meaning of the shapes in Khuyas.

-Practicing cleansing and connection with Khuyas.

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Tuesday July 5th/The power in medicinal Plants.

-The initiation in the Hampeq path.

- How a hampeq works with the healing plants.

- Cleansing plants.

- Plants for energy blooming.

- Strengthening plants.

- Protection plants.

- Working with flowers.

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Tuesday July 19th/ The Andean Rainbow Spirit.

-K'uychi, the rainbow.

-The andean meaning of rainbow (different to the western one).

-The awakening of energies.

-Meanings in colours.

-What forces is the K'uychi connected to.

-Stories of encounters with rainbows in the mountains.

-Practice with K'uychi.


Tuesday July 26th// Offering for the K'uychi.

-Kinds of K'uychi: Male and Female.

-Kúychis from the waterfalls,

-the lagoons,

-the waterfalls,


-and rivers

-Performing an offering ceremony for the rainbow spirit.

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Tuesday August 2nd/The Munay.

-Understanding the healing force of Munay

-How to develop or awaken Munay?

-How do we lose the state of Munay?

-Do the spirits posses Munay?

-Importance of Yanantin, the strenght of the couple in your relations.

-the Tukuymunayniyoq

-Munay offering ceremony.

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Tuesday Agust 9th / The Estrella, the Star.

-Working with the Star, destiny and good luck.

-What does the star represent?

-Connecting to hanan pacha, the world from above.

-Working with your body of light.

-Offering ceremony for the Star.

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We are Karpay, an organization based in Perú and dedicated to sharing the Andean Spiritual Wisdom. Founded by Yandy Huaranga (pshychologist) and Francisco Victoria (International Relations major) who having learnt with different original masters decided to present their work and knowledge to people from all over the world in a respectful, honest and practical way.

We have organized several retreats, travels, online courses and events with renown Andean masters from Perú and Bolivia such as Américo Yábar, Juan Nuñez del Prado, Vilma Pinedo, Don Martín Quispe, Don Aurelio Ortiz among others, and masters from different traditions such as Bön Buddhist Lama Tenzin Wangyal.

We will be happy to help and guide you through this series of beautiful meetings with our dear friend and master Vilma.